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Need to Fix Your Credit First? A Complete Sky Blue Credit Review

Have you ever heard about the credit repair service? Do you know that it can repair your credit in less than six months? In this article, I am going to reveal a credit repair service that can repair your credit within six months. This service has helped many clients to repair the credit effectively within the given time frame. Would you like to know the name of the service? The service is popularly known as I am going to write a Sky Blue Credit Review that can help you to understand this credit repair service, features, and the advantages.

Sky Blue Credit is a customer-friendly service. It helps customers with all the relevant information. It is a simple credit repair service. You can understand its easy features without any help. Moreover, it offers a good discount.

Who is Sky Blue Credit Repair and what services do they offer?

SkyBlueCredit.comI first learned about this company from reading this Skyblue credit review at I then decided to try the company out and after being with them for a while I decided to give my own personal review of the company. It is a service that helps you to repair your credit within six months. You can reach the service whenever you want via email and phone. It offers additional information about credit and finances that will help you to understand the financial complexities. It is one of the most reliable and affordable credit repair services. You can get the basics of the credit repair with the $59 investment. The best thing about the Sky Blue Credit repair services is that it has received A+ Rating from the BBB.

This is the sign of the credibility and you hardly find any credit repair service with this rating. And it also offers ninety days refund policy that you will not find in any credit repair service.

Sky Blue credit repair service is preferable for its cost and customer-friendly service. For this service, you will have to make only $59 monthly payments. That is considered cheap and affordable in comparison to other services in this industry. You will have to make the monthly payments at the end of the month. In addition to that, you will have to pay $59 set up fee at the time of the enrollment. You can get some added benefits and discounts with some conditions such as you will get seventeen percent discount if you sign up Blue Sky credit repair service with a partner. You need to drag your credit report through a third party service. But this will be free of cost.

When it comes to the time frame, people usually work with the Sky Credit Repair Service for the period of six months. You can choose a different timeframe depending on your requirements. You might see the improvements within the thirty days after the signing up. Initially, the company will focus on the fifteen items on your report and will try to repair the credit within this limit. Mostly, it focuses on 100 to 200 points during the entire period.

What are the advantages? 

There are many advantages of the Sky Blue Credit repair service such as the customer-friendly approach, expert advice, and finance education. Some of the other advantages are the followings.

Quick and effective results

Sky Blue Credit understands your problem and takes the matter seriously. It does every effort to repair your credit within six months so that you can successfully apply for the loans and other benefits with a good credit. The service claims to offer the fastest service in the credit repair industry. In fact, most of its customers have appreciated the Sky Blue credit service and have recommended it for the credit repair.


It is affordable and within the reach of every people. You can register only with $59 monthly payments. If you are not satisfied with the result then you can request for the refund without specifying the reason. In credit repair services, you will not find a money refund option with other companies.


You can get some discounts if you sign up with a partner that will ultimately reduce the monthly charges.

If you are going through a difficult phase of your life and want to deal with it successfully then consider taking the help of the Sky Blue Credit repair service. It can certainly repair your credit within six months. If you will not find it effective then you can ask for the money refund within ninety days. Hence, you have nothing to lose.

10 ways to improve your credit score quickly

credit loan

Whenever you try to buy a house or a car, you need to have a good credit score to apply for a mortgage or loan. Even when applying for certain jobs you need a good credit score. Having a good credit score gives a picture of your financial stability. You should always try to improve your credit scores. Here are some strategies that will help you to boost your credit score within a very short time.

Learn from your past mistakes

You should look at your bank statements and learn where you have spent more. You should pay attention in areas where your debt is growing. You should check whether you are paying your bills on time or you are always giving late payment charges. You should try to change your lifestyle so that you don’t overspend. You should reduce your spending on entertainment; for example, instead of going to movies you can spend time with friends in their home. A credit report is a tool that banks, creditors, employers and others use to evaluate whether you are fit for getting a mortgage, loan or an employment. You should always try to keep the score high so that you don’t face any obstacle when applying for a loan or employment.

Pay your bills on time

Whether you pay bills on time or not has a significant effect on your credit score. In fact, it contributes to about 35% of the score. If you fall behind your payments your credit score will go down. Even if the amount of your debt is small, your credit score will be negatively affected if you don’t pay your bills on time. You can use the bank’s auto-pay system to pay off your bills on time. Nowadays you can use certain apps to pay bills as well.

Reduce your debt

You should try to reduce your debt levels. This can improve your credit score considerably. You should always make a budget every month and try to spend within that budget. If you think that your spending amount is more than what you earn then you should look for a second job to increase your income. By earning more money you will be able to pay off your debt quickly. The way you use your credit is an important factor of the credit score. The credit utilization ratio tells how much of your credit you have used up. It is best to keep this ratio less than 30% to have a good credit score.

Keep old accounts open

You might have very old accounts that are in good standing. You should keep those accounts open as they can support your credit score. If you have a credit card with a high credit limit and the card is not used often, then your credit score will improve.

Correct mistakes in credit report

Every year you get a free copy of your credit report. You should study that carefully and see if there are any mistakes.  If you find any you must correct them immediately. You can request extra report so that you can monitor the report often.

Have payment due dates after your payday

You can reschedule your payment due dates. It is better to schedule your payment due dates a few days after your pay dates. This way you will have cash in hand when the payment date is due. So, you will not miss any payment.

Maintain good payment record

You should not only pay your credit card bills on time but also pay the mortgages, car loans and other credits on time as well. Handling all forms of credit efficiently will boost your credit score.

Consolidate your balances

If you have balances on multiple credit cards, then you should consolidate them into one. Some credit cards offer very low credit transfer fee. So, you can take advantage of it and have only one balance to be paid off every month. Having one balance improves the credit score.

Avoid having prepaid cards

It is better not to have any prepaid debit or credit cards. These cards charge high interest rates and other fees. So, you actually pay a lot more than you do in case of the normal cards. The worst part is that when you pay back the money it doesn’t show on your credit report. So, even if you repay the balance on these cards, your credit score won’t improve.

Get professional help

If you find yourself trapped with credit then you can talk to a credit repair professional. There are credit repair companies that will help you to monitor your credit report on a regular basis. If they find any error in the credit report, they will contact the credit reporting agencies to correct the mistake. They will also come up with a plan to help you restore your credit score.

You should practice having a simple life. It is always wise to spend little and save more. You should bring some changes in your lifestyle if you are unable to pay off your debts. You should be careful not to miss a payment and pay as much as you can every month, preferably more than the minimum amount. This way you will be able to get rid of your debts quickly and improve your credit score. A credit score is like your reputation. A poor credit score tells that your financial condition is not good enough for lenders to lend you money for any purpose. So, your mortgage or other loan application will be rejected. It might affect your employment also. You should always try to maintain a good credit score. If you find that your credit score is going down, you should take immediate steps to improve it.


Taking Control of Your Own Financial Future

We all have been to that point you wished you could better control your finances; maybe you were broke or realized you were extravagant at that moment. Well I have three major points to help you avoid that moment of regret and better control your financial future. This is a matter that’s more so personal to me and a solid resolution to this three points have worked wonders for me.

For a brighter financial future it’s all about being able to plan, save and earn. Getting the handle on your financial future doesn’t mean having more money, but synchronizing your ability to plan, save and earn so that your ultimately can predict your financial future and build on your financial past and maximize your present.

Best steps to get started taking control of your finances

PLANNING. Without a doubt the significance of planning can never be underestimated, in steps towards taking control of your financial future. What then does one plan? Know your daily expenditure; know your upcoming expenses; shortly know your bills. Know what you earn. With this information about yourself integrate it to know your daily or monthly earnings and expenses. The shorter the period of time is, the better for those who haven’t been planning. With planning you can be sure to stay clear of misappropriating funds and sudden expenses.

SAVING. Most underestimated tool to taking control of your financial future. I personally despised this, saying I would rather earn than save. Only to realize saving makes you financially disciplined. Saving practically makes you aware of your finances and is ultimately a way of earning money.” A journey of a thousand steps begins with one step”, don’t despise whatever little saving you are making now

EARNING. We would all engage in anything that would make some money for us. Taking control of your financial future would otherwise mean being able to pay for your bills. You need to look at your time as a resource and make yourself useful for the better part of it when you are most efficient. Engaging in activities that don’t make you productive yet at the same time don’t make you any money is a NO Just to be clear I support hobbies, talents, voluntary activities whether we are earning or not cause they make us great and better people, but something that makes us a less productive person and generally doesn’t bring you earnings keep away.

those are the knows of taking control of your financial future, I have one major how I can’t fail to mention.

DISCIPLINE, this is basically a synonym to financial control. Best of luck this year as you better control your financial future.

3 Secret Ways to Create a Personal Budget So You Can Buy Your Next Home

Being able to budget your money is essential to maintaining financial health. Not to mention, it is not very difficult. It just requires a bit of time and willingness to stick to your personal budget.

List all Expenses so you can manage your budget better

One useful strategy to maintain a budget is to list all of your expenses. Consider your reoccurring bills. Things like your rent, cable bill, car payments, cell phone service and so forth need to be written down. You may also want to include the date that these recurring charges need to be paid on or by For instance, rent might be due on the 1st of every month. This is also an excellent opportunity to cancel any services you do not need or are not using. Next, you will want to list the other things you buy. These are fluctuating expenses.

Typically speaking, there is no set date on when these are due. This can include things like eating out, hobbies, dry cleaning, and so forth. One way to pin down these fluctuating expenses in your personal budget is to look at old bank statements. When looking through this add those expenses up and average them out.

This way, you will know how much you spend per month on fluctuating expenses. Having these estimated figures is essential to balancing your finances.

Wants vs. Needs

The first step to knowing what you want versus what you need is to go through and put your expenses into three categories: 1. Things that are essential.

Things you want.

Things you no longer need or can cancel doing this will allow you to make informed decisions on what you need to be spending your money on versus what you do not need to be spending.

Have Realistic Expectations

This is almost self-explanatory. In order to balance your personal budget you need to know what is possible and what is not. This will help you plan your expenses and is the first step to setting goals for spending and saving. The objective of a budgeting is to help you plan for actual expenses while at the same time setting goals for spending that will allow you to save money. Ultimately, at the end of the day having a personal budget is important. By understanding where your money is going, you can finally begin to get a bit of financial freedom, pay off debts, and perhaps save a little money for a rainy day.